Best Coffee Mugs for a Writer

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Looking for coffee mugs for a writer in your life? Or are you the writer looking for a cup to inspire you while writing? You’ve come to the right place.

Amazon is full of mugs with inspiring or funny quips:

  • Keep calm, It’s only a first draft.
  • I may look look like I’m listening to you, but in my head I’m writing my novel.
  • Future Bestselling Author

You’ll have no problem finding a mug like that. But we dug a little deeper and discovered unique coffee mugs for a writer, whether you drink coffee, tea, or something stronger.

The Jane Austen Mug

Janeites, lovers of Regency era novels, and readers in general will want to refill it frequently to see the ladies change their attire.

Five young ladies dressed in walking clothes adorn the 12- ounce mug when it is cool. As soon as the mug is warm, the ladies change into elegant evening wear.

The ceramic mugs can be used in the microwave but are not dishwasher safe. 

Don’t worry–the costume change is G-rated.

Mind Of A Writer

The coffee mug for a writer with a ironic sense of humor.

The Mind Of A Writer Travel Mug

This is one of our favorite mugs. When we are under a deadline, unable to think of something to say, or overwhelmed by endless revision, rewriting, and editing, we need a mug that is going to remind us–in a humorous way–not to take ourselves too seriously.

These stainless-steel, double-walled, 20-ounce mugs are ultra-insulated and keeps your beverage piping hot for 6 hours or ice cold for 12. The stainless-steel mugs are unbreakable, the finish is scratch-proof, and the mugs are drop-resistant and effectively unbreakable.

Best of all, if you knock the cup over while writing, the spill-resistant lid will keep the liquid from ruining your keyboard (or paper, if you’re into that).

Hand-Painted Ceramic Coffee Mugs

If not the best coffee mug for writers, it's the cutest

These large mugs, which hold up to 16.9 ounces, are ideal for hot beverages including tea, hot chocolate, and coffee. They are microwave AND dishwasher safe.

Nobody enjoys lukewarm coffee or tea, but these mugs’ strong ceramic construction and wooden lids help them retain heat longer, keeping your beverage at the ideal temperature and flavor.

Plus, they are pretty, and who doesn’t need more beauty in their life?

Be Careful Insulated Coffee Cup

Be Careful Or You’ll End Up In My Novel Insulated Coffee Cup

Don't end up in my novel coffee cup.

We had to select at least one mug with a witty writer’s quip. This was our favorite because it keeps our hot drinks hot and our cold drinks cold. In addition, its double-wall insulation means the mug won’t leave water rings on your desk.

If someone tries to distract you, hold up the mug, give them the evil eye, and continue working. Bother you again, and they will be in the novel–possibly as the evil villain, or a time-sucking vortex.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

A smart coffee cup for writers

We added this mug mainly because we wanted to know what a smart mug could do. The mug keeps your coffee or tea hot for 4 hours if you don’t use the charging coaster. Place it on the charging coaster, and your drink stays hot longer.

The cup has three temperature settings–blue for keeping liquids at 95. Orange take you up to 125 degrees. And if you need your drink extra hot, red heats it up to 125. Please don’t Xertz that.

The phone app lets you control the temperature settings, turn it on or off, and put the mug in standby mode.

A smart coffee mug is not cheap and not for the starving artist. But it’s worth a look just to see what a smart phone looks like.

Finally, there are several coffee-inspired coffee songs, but this is the original recording of Java Jive.

What do you drink while writing?

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