Can I Use “and” at the Beginning of a Sentence?

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There is no rule that says you cannot start a sentence with and.  It is a stylistic choice.

Many of us were taught to avoid starting a sentence with and. Putting an and at the beginning is a stylistic choice, but there is no rule that says it is wrong to begin a sentence a sentence with and.

Yes, you can start a sentence with and for the right audience. Professionals generally prefer that you be more formal in your writing, but a general audience prefers the personal touch.

However, beginning a sentence with and is entirely appropriate in informal, creative, and quite a bit of writing for the internet. The tone becomes more casual by doing this. And in other cases, this kind of tone is ideal for the target audience and the goal.

Here are some examples of sentences that begin with and

  • We used every trick, strategy, and gimmick we had at the competition. And we won!
  • You may feel sad sometimes. And that’s okay.

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