Choosing a Writing Desk (on a budget)

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The day will come when your lap is no longer going to work for a desk, and you start to think about choosing a writing desk. You might not be ready to upgrade to an antique writing desk, so we put together a collection of inexpensive desks or desk-like surfaces to step up your writing game (and relieve your aching back).

The SAIJI Bed Desk

Will you stay in bed to write your latest magnus opus? Then check out The SAIJI Bed Desk. This desk has a lot going for it.

  • Lots of adjustments–4 for the surface angle and 5 for the height.
  • Non-slip desktop surface, removeable stopper, and silicone baffle to keep mousepads (or cellphones) from sliding.
  • Small drawer to hold a mouse, glasses, or other accessories.
  • Sturdy enough to be used as a standing desk when placed on a counter or table.

When you finish, fold the SAIJI flat and slide it out of sight.

Note: The surface measures 13-inches deep, which should fit all but the largest laptops.

A Bamboo Lap Desk

If bamboo wood is your vibe, then take a look at the Huanuo Lap Desk. This attractive desk folds flat and is lightweight and attractive.

The workspace has 5 angle options, and the desktop lip keeps your laptop from sliding.

Don’t worry about the mouse slipping. The right side of the desk is fixed, leaving you room for a mouse, your phone, or a coffee cup.

Or, if you prefer, use the removeable storage pocket to hold the Cafe Press Mind of a Writer tumbler.

Note: The Huanuo Lap Desk is not as sturdy as the SAIJI.

A Cooling Lap Desk

If you want to avoid a tray lap desk with legs, the LapGear Lap Desk is worth a look. Sure, you can get cheaper lap desks, but those can get hot.

The LapGear solves that problem with a patented cushion design. An air-flow channel keeps heat from being trapped and improves your comfort while working.

A Simple Folding Desk

If you don’t have a lot of room, check out the Tangkula Folding Desk. This simple desk is not flashy, but it serves its purpose at a low price.

The small folding desk has a straightforward design, and a sturdy metal frame. In less than a minute, you can set it up or put it away.

While folded, it just takes up a minimal amount of room, making it easy for you to transport it anywhere you need.

A Larger Folding Desk

If you’re interested in choosing a writing desk that is larger but can still be placed out of the way, the Coaves Folding Desk is worth a look. The desk is waterproof, durable, and has a more stylish design than other folding desks.

A Desk with a Riser

The Ameriwood Home Haven Desk with Riser is a perfect option for compact rooms. The desktop provides plenty of work area for your laptop, notebook, and papers, but the riser provides additional storage for office necessities.

Go the DYI Route

And if none of those catch your fancy, you can build yourself a laptop stand for a bed. Or use the Amazon boxes to build a Laptop Stand from Cardboard.

Looking for the perfect coffee mug to use while writing? If so, check out Best Coffee Mugs for a Writer.

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