5 Grammar Nerd Gifts

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Grammar nerds can go on about grammar mistakes or rant about the Oxford Comma. So what can you gift them—pictures of grammar mistakes? Red pens? (Who still use them?)  

You’ll adore these cute grammar nerd presents if you or someone you know loves to nerd out on grammar.

By the way: people must use red pens; otherwise, Amazon wouldn’t have a whole page of them.

1–Books a Grammar Nerd Will Love

Grammar Nerds might have a college handbook lying around, but they are more interested in the history and nuances of language. So stay away from handbooks like the Harbrace College Handbook.

Why Do We Say That? by Scott Matthews is a fun romp through Idioms, phrases, and sayings. For example, Matthew’s book explains what “letting the cat out of the bag” have to do with divulging secrets.

Melvyn Bragg’s The Adventure of English: The Biography of a Language is a book grammar nerds drool over (unless they have the Kindle version). Bragg’s book traces how English absorbed words, thereby creating a flexible language spoken by an estimated 2 billion people.

Joe Gillard is on a mission to resurrect lost words such as collywobbles and snollygosters in The Little Book of Lost Words. Who hasn’t suffered from allotriophagy—a strong urge or desire to eat abnormal or unhealthy food?

2–Clothes for Grammar Nerds

Unless your grammar nerd friends practice adamitism (a lost word that means the practice of nudism), they have clothes. But do they have clothes that announce their love of grammar?

Amazon has a large selection of clothes for your grammar friend. Find t-shirts and socks here. Also, check out the There/their/they’re t-shirt printed on pencils for a two-in-one gift.  

3–Games Grammar Nerds Play

Who says grammar nerds are boring. Grammar Police, Wordle the Board Game, and Stet! Dreyer’s English, and ?Word Teasers are four fun and highly recommended games guaranteed to give hours of fun.

4–Accessories for a Grammar Nerd

If clothes and books are outside your budget, or if your grammar fanatics have all the books they need, look into accessories for grammar nerd gifts. Along with the red pens mentioned earlier, check out these options.

5–Online Resources

For those of you on a tight budget, you are not out of luck. A little googling can save the day.

Writers and readers have way too many bookmarks. Booky is a free online bookmark service. Create a free account and bookmark it for them (or send the link!)

Look for free or freemium online classes, such as Khan Academy. Online Book Club has an international grammar forum, and edX offers English Grammar and Style developed in conjunction with The University of Queensland.

Writing Meetups are almost always free. If you can’t find a local group, there are plenty online, or you can also start one. One of the oldest writing groups, NaNoWriMo, has tons of resources.

There you have it—our suggestions for grammar nerd gifts for your favorite grammar lover. If we left something out, please let us know.


We asked an AI writing assistant to create a Holiday Gift Giving list. I would hate to be Santa looking for these gifts.

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