Is Anyword a Good AI Writing Tool?

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Anyword is another recent AI writing tool I discovered.  In my continued exploration of these apps, I used its 7-day free trial to see how it would do. 

So how did Anyword perform?

At first glance Anyword was scary good, at least when it comes to creating text that sounds good. However, the accuracy of the facts was poor.  Anyword could be a helpful tool for some types of internet writing.  It wouldn’t fool a college professor, but someone browsing the web would not realize the copy was AI-generated

I needed a topic, so I picked exclamation marks.  The tools I’ve explored have found grammar topics challenging, so I wanted to see whether Anyword would write a publishable blog post. 

After creating an account, I selected blog post and followed the screen prompts.

Step One

The first prompt was to create a blog post:

Describe the blog post you want to create

I wrote:

A blog post on the history of the exclamation mark

I could also add some keywords, and I selected three based on some key word research I had done.

exclamation mark emoji

upside down exclamation mark

exclamation mark or point

Step Two—Creating a Title for the Blog Post

Anyword is a good writing tool for titles

The next prompt was to create a title.  I could have written my own, but I choose to let Anyword generate one.

I received 5 title suggestions.

If I didn’t like those, I could ask the program to generate another set of five titles, but I liked the first one enough.   Even though I had the option to have it generate more, I decided to go with the first one:

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Exclamation Mark

For a variety of reasons, blog posts and articles with odd numbers grab a reader’s attention.  Maybe we trust them more because we think an even number means the information was padded to get an even number.  Perhaps we prefer odd numbers because we don’t want a tie final score

Or could it be that our brains are wired to remember blocks of information more easily in groups of three or five.

Is Anyword a good ai writing tool

Step Three-Generating an Outline

After a topic and title, creating an outline came next.  Here is what Anyword generated.   

Again, I went with the first choice even though it would have generated another outline had I asked.

Section 4 seemed a little sketchy, but I could always ask for another later.

Step Four—Creating the Intro Paragraph

I had the option to write my own introductory paragraph or let Anyword do it for me.  Again, I let the program do the work.

 As an introduction for this kind of listicle article, it was good.  I would break the first sentence into two and change pretty new to recent or relatively recent.  Also, I would change “even invented” to “introduced.”

Step Five—Generate Individual Paragraphs

Paragraph One—Why Do We Use Exclamation Marks?

So this paragraph makes a serious mistake with the first sentence.  Scholars don’t pin the introduction of the exclamation mark to a specific date.  Instead, the consensus is that the mark was first used in the 15th century. 

An Italian poet, Iacopo Alpoleio da Urbisglia claimed to have invented the mark, which he termed the punctus admirativus, or a point of admiration.

I have discovered this problem frequently with AI writing tools—they don’t always get their facts right.  So if you use one, you’ll have to fact-check.

Is Anyword a good ai writing tool--paragraph one

Paragraph Two—How did the Upside Exclamation Mark Start?

This paragraph seems to be about the origins of the exclamation.  A quick solution would be to change the heading. 

Also, the mark was created by putting a vertical line above a period, not a upward stroke on paper.

And we don’t use an upside-down exclamation mark!  Or do we? İ

Paragraph Three—Where Does the Name Come From?

This paragraph is talking about the upside down exclamation mark again!?!

In addition, emoticon, interjection, and Latin script?  More research would be needed.  Also, the emoticon could have its own paragraph.

At this point, I began to ask myself is Anyword a good AI writing tool.

Paragraph Four—The semi-colon?  No Thanks.

This is another problematic paragraph.  How does the interrobang fit into a paragraph about the semi-colon? 

And the semicolon information is wrong.  Aristophanes was a playwright.  The semicolon dates from the 1494.

Oh, no!

Paragraph Five—Other Uses for !

What is the fascination with upside down exclamation marks?! 

And do you trust the 1588 date for an upside-down exclamation mark?  If so, you are welcome to google it.

Bottom Line

So is Anyword a good AI writing tool? You be the judge.

On the surface, this article sounds good.  It would take 10 to 15 minutes to edit the grammar, word choice, and paragraphing.  However, so many of the facts are wrong.  To make this a publishable AND accurate article, I would need to spend an hour or two to create it.  So why not simply write my own?

I am not the only writer who has had similar experiences with AI writing tools. Sara Rosinsky wrote about her experience using Jarvis AI in a recent blog post.

I posted the article (you can see it here) to see what kind of response it would get.  And I made it clear that it was written by an AI program, not me.


Anyword will create text for social media and SEO, so I had it generated several.  You be the judge of their quality.


So think about it for a second…If I write Boom! instead of BOOM!, did I really shout louder?

I THINK it got BOOM! and Boom! backwards

SEO Meta Description

Generate blog posts, web content and social media updates in minutes. Choose a template or use one of the AI generated ideas.

Surely, that must be an original description, right?

Facebook Ad

Wow! You found out about one of the coolest punctuation marks ever! It wasn’t until 1794 when printers in France started using the exclamation mark to separate sentences or make phrases stand out. They called it le point d’exclamation which translates to the mark of exclamation.

You might say it was love at first sight!

This ad won’t create a best-selling anything.

YouTube Copy

How to make exclamation marks all day long.

Slightly risque.

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