Why Writers Should Avoid Comma Splices

Reading Time: 3 minutes Should you avoid comma splices? Fiction writers often think that comma splices aren’t a big deal.  I recently ran across an excellent post by Yasmin Yarwood on LinkedIn where she used excellent examples to explain comma splices.  Based on the responses, people either didn’t know … Read more

When Should the Ampersand Be Used

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the 18th and 19th century, you would have used the ampersand when writing the alphabet. But that’s history. When should you use an ampersand in writing today? Ampersand Usage–The Big Picture In formal business writing, if the symbol is already in a name, then … Read more

Can I Put a Comma Where I Pause?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When students ask too many questions about commas, teachers often revert to a classic piece of advice during comma instruction: put a comma where you pause. This advice leads to confusion when a writer eventually learns that isn’t a rule. So why do teachers tell … Read more

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