5 Grammar Rules You Don’t Need to Know

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Information overload is real, and learning useless grammar rules doesn’t help. This post will share five grammar rules you don’t need to worry about. You’ll also learn why some grammar rules are still important and why. Let’s get started. 1. Predicates A predicate is everything in a sentence related to what the subject is doing. … Read more

Identify the Verb, not the Imposters

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Reading Time: 3 minutes It seems easy to identify the verb in a sentence: look for the action word, and you’ve found the verb. Unfortunately, there are several imposters. If you aren’t careful, they can fool you into thinking they function as the verb. These three imposters—gerunds, infinitives, and participial phrases–look like verbs because they contain action words. But … Read more

Use These Steps to Find a Verb

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Use the following infographic as a guide to the steps to find a verb. Remember that showing action or a state of being is only one job verbs have in a sentence.

Naming the AI Writer

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What is this lonely AI writer's name?

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