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Welcome to Grammar Mechanics

We created Grammar Mechanics because we like thinking about all aspects of grammar, including how to teach it, its history, and the latest trends.

Students often find grammar instruction confusing because it focuses on definition instead of function so we focus on what to do and minimize the terminology.

Teachers are frustrated teaching grammar because so much time is currently spent on testing that there is little time left for grammar.

The key to making students enjoy grammar is to look at it from the student’s perspective. Kids want to know how to do things, so focus your lesson on what they can do with what they learned. They may not fall in love with grammar, but at least they won’t hate it.

Grammar’s purpose is to help us communicate, so we have started writing more about books and reading.

Although grammar has rules, these rules help us communicate. Grammar is a language’s structure, and the rules are the apparent and obvious aspects of that structure.

  • Language is fluid, not fixed.
  • Grammar reflects how people use the language.
  • Ultimately, grammar is a democracy.  Users of the language decide what the rules will be.

And grammar shouldn’t be stuffy, so go ahead and take one (or two).

Feel free to contact us if you would like us to write about a grammar topic or have an article that our readers will find interesting. If your content is useful and will benefit our readers, contact us so that we can find a way to send readers to your article or blog post.

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