Tittynope Is Not What You Think

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Tittynope is one of those words that sound naughty but aren’t. Most of us have left a tittynope on a plate or in a cup. Leftovers is an amount of food that can be saved and eaten later. Tittynope is the scrap you feed your dog or cat.

tittynope is a small amount of something left over.

Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary lists other words that begin with titty:

  • A children’s word for young sister
  • Having a bad temper
  • A tittymouse is a bird (also spelled titimouse or titmouse)
  • Tittymouse can also be a small bundle of corn given to a child
  • A tittyoaf is a silly fellow
  • If you are titty-toddy, you can’t make up your mind
  • Titty Toit means to clean up

Although tittynope isn’t a high scoring Yahtzee word, xertz is. Go to our Infographic page for similar short and helpful content.

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