Tittynope Is Not What You Think

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Tittynope is one of those words that sound naughty but aren’t. Most of us have left a tittynope on a plate or in a cup. Leftovers is an amount of food that can be saved and eaten later. Tittynope is the scrap you feed your dog or cat.

Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary lists other words that begin with titty:

  • A children’s word for young sister
  • Having a bad temper
  • A tittymouse is a bird (also spelled titimouse or titmouse)
  • Tittymouse can also be a small bundle of corn given to a child
  • A tittyoaf is a silly fellow
  • If you are titty-toddy, you can’t make up your mind
  • Titty Toit means to clean up

Although tittynope isn’t a high scoring Yahtzee word, xertz is. Go to our Infographic page for similar short and helpful content.

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