Why Pay for AI If It’s Free?

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Artificial Intelligence is getting a lot of hype in the writing and advertising industries. Some companies that market AI writers claim that their AI can write blog posts for you. Other companies more honestly advertise their AI services as Writing Assistants.

Several of the AI writers have been reviewed on this site, including this one, and here. An AI writer created this article on exclamation marks. But I need a break from reviewing AI writers, and Ask the Public came to the rescue.

Ask the Public is a tool bloggers and marketers use to find ideas and keywords. So I entered AI writers in the search box and discovered various potential questions and topics.

A common question is how much AI writing programs cost. Most AI programs operate on a freemium model—limiting the number of words, blog posts, or both. Some offer a 7-day trial. I recognized the potential for a post highlighting the best budget AI writer.

The best budget AI writer would be free, but does such a thing exist? Yes and no.

Is There a Free AI Writer?

Google “free AI writer,” and you will find anything but. Even a site that claims to be “free” to registered users limits you to 6,000 words a month. A prolific blogger can write that in a week or two.

I am not trying to put down bloggers who write “Top 7 Free AI Writers” or “12 Best Free AI Software.” Blog writers are often assigned titles and need to create content based on the title. A website owner who discovers that “Free AI Writers” is a trending topic will hire a writer (or write it themselves) and craft an article.

But how are you going to write about something that doesn’t exist?

Artificial Intelligence That is Free

Bored Humans to the rescue. Seriously, the website BoredHumans (which I accidentally stumbled across) contains a list of 50 AI tools, and all are free. So what’s the catch?

The catch is the tools cannot be used to write blog posts. The Academic Paper Generator created this paper (feel free to skim):

A natural extension of the generalization error of a decision-function depends on the model to be inferred, i.e., the knowledge matrix of a decision function. In this work, we explore a probabilistic approach to inferring conditional independence in probabilistic regression. Specifically, we show a probabilistic model under certain conditions, and show that the probabilistic model cannot be used to reconstruct a decision, given the model’s assumptions about the model. Given the model, we provide a probabilistic model under some conditions, and demonstrate that the probabilistic model can be used to obtain the complete model of a decision, given the model’s assumptions.

A second generation created this masterpiece of scholarly research:

Active Learning and Sparsity Constraints over Sparse Mixture Terms

We report the first evaluation of a convolutional neural network on a real-world classification problem arising in the real-world clinical scenario. The task of predicting the clinical outcome of a patient involves a number of tasks (the classification of a subject and the detection of a disease) and the accuracy of each task is usually dependent on the type of the prediction. To improve the overall effectiveness of the system, we propose a novel and flexible feature vector representation of the task-related information and propose to use it to learn an efficient discriminant analysis for this task. The classification accuracy is evaluated on a set of 4 different real-world data sets. Results show that the proposed method can outperform the state-of-the-art in predicting the presence and severity of disease in the disease-prepared dataset, achieving an optimal classification accuracy of 73% on the data set.

These read like academic abstracts and summaries, but they wouldn’t fool anyone who read—not skimmed—the paragraphs.

What Can You Do as a Bored Human?

You can find a long list of AI activities on the site. Some generate text, but you can also find image, music, and video generators.

Lyrics Generator

The lyrics might not make sense, but who said a song has to make sense? If you don’t like the lyrics, generate new ones. The AI generated the following:

I Know I Know

Verse 1
Cause you're in the shadows
I know I know
There's a reason that everyone I meet
Comes alive in my eyes
Now you're here beside me
And the memory of you


Never really seems to fade away
You take the place of the angels
The answer seems like no big dealNow I know

Not bad for an AI.

Other Writing AI Tools

  • If you want to episode outlines for your favorite tv shows—try TV Show Episode Creator.
  • Need some quotes—Famous Quote Generator creates meme-style quotes—some better than others.
  • Want AI to invent a word? Try the New Word Generator: kittledaddy (noun) is a child’s book that serves as a family guide.
  • Enter a URL and have the AI create a patent application for the website.
Free AI Meme Maker
AI Generated Meme

Bored Humans is More Than Words

Create AI art, fake faces, pizzas that aren’t real, play Pong or Tic-Tac-Toe, create a Movie Montage, and so much more. This post could easily be twice as long, but why spoil the fun? Instead, head over to BoredHuman and enjoy yourself.

You might want to set a timer.


Unfortunately, a truly-free AI Writing Assistant no longer exists. Bored Humans exists to show off a variety of limited, but AI tools. Most AI writing assistants offer a trial, and some offer a limited freemium option.

Have you tried an AI writer? If so, what was your experience?

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