What is Baccated?

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You could have a bowl baccated with berries or a bachated plate adorned with pearls. If you have the first, you might have been berry picking.

If a plate is adorned with pearls, you could have a wealthy distant relative, and it might be time to research the ancestry tree.

Baccated Relatives

Bacca or bacci. In botany, bacca refers to a type of berry with many seeds. When the berry ripens, the seeds remain in the berry, otherwise known as an indehiscent fruit or berry. This fruit key contains dozen of categories of fruit. Impress your friends by informing them citrus fruits with leathery rinds are Hesperidium.

  • A bacciferous plant produces berries.
  • Bacciform refers to the shape of berries.
  • Baccivorous birds subsist on berries.

Baccate refers to berries instead of pearls. Something with a pulpy texture is a baccate.

Baccare or backare are obsolete words invented to be pseudo-Latin words. It could mean stand back or go back. Think Renaissance version of the Urban Dictionary. 

Baccated Etymology

Bacca is derived from the Latin word bacca, which means berry. Baccated is derived from the Latin bacculus, which is also derived from bacca.

Pronouncing Baccate


Not sure how to pronounce baccate? Google’s pronunciation can be found here. It is pronounced differently on the website HowToPronounce. And if you need to hear it pronounced 11 times, check out this video.

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