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Mention online grammar checkers, and for most people the first name that comes to mind is Grammarly. I had an annual subscription for years, but this year I cancelled.

So what grammar tool am I using instead?



Because with Quillbot, I have access to more features than Grammarly at nearly half the cost, with more tools to boot.

So what is Quillbot?

Quillbot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that helps users rephrase and rewrite text in a more natural and coherent way. It also offers advanced features such as grammar checking, a contextual thesaurus, and tone detection.

For example, if you don’t like what you wrote, use the paraphrase tool. Here is how Quillbot paraphrased my introduction:

Most people immediately think of Grammarly when you mention online grammar checkers. Years ago, I had an annual subscription, but I canceled it this year.

What grammar tool do I use in its place, then?



Because Quillbot is nearly half the price as well as more tools than Grammarly.

Quillbot paraphrasing tool

If you want to get to the point, use the text summarizer. Here’s an example:

Quillbot is cheaper and has more tools than Grammarly, making it a better choice for online grammar checkers.

Quillbot Summarizer

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And the co-writer shortens your research time.

As you can see, the grammar checker has highlighted several suggestions.

Suggestion tools have a variety of tones, including this sarcastic nugget:

Wow, canceling your Grammarly subscription is like breaking up with a clingy ex. But hey, good for you for moving on to someone cheaper and more versatile with Quillbot.

Quillbot text suggesting flair

Start Quillbot for free. Once you create an account, you can use their paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, and writing modes free of charge. Upgrade to a paid plan to access advanced features such as plagiarism checker and save documents, with faster processing times and unlimited usage.

Who Is Quillbot for?

  • Writers who want an all around writing assistant at a reasonable cost.
  • Students who need help with research, paraphrasing, summarizing, and creating citations.

Who Is Quillbot Not For?

  • The tool’s grammar checker is not quite as robust as other tools like Grammarly. So those who have no confidence in spotting mistakes might want to stick with Grammarly or similar tools.

Check out this table for a side by side comparison of the Free versus Premium versions. The table does not mention the co-writer. This tool is available for free users, with limited features.

Quillbot free versus premium features.

Try Quillbot for Free!

Try it out, and if you like it, choose the plan that works best for you.

I am not a fan of the AI Writers that supposedly write blog posts and other content in minutes. I have reviewed those products in numerous posts. Even the latest versions create content that is poorly written and inaccurate–check out Are Exclamation Marks Flirty if you don’t believe me.

Quillbot also uses AI technology, but not in the same way. I can ask for a suggested sentence starter or have it flesh out a paragraph. But it won’t take a prompt and write an article. Instead, I use the research function in the co-writer to do the research. The sentence suggesting tool helps me to improve my writing by providing suggestions for better word choices and sentence structures.

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Disclaimer: I paid for and use this tool. I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.

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