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What words start with G? According to Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, 79 pages worth, and I barely made it past the first page.

A writer should have the gift of gab, no? And the first page was filled with words related to gab. Let’s get going.

First, gab has several definitions. As a verb it means

  1. to talk much or chatter
  2. to lie [an obscure usage]

As a noun, gab refers to talkativeness, chatter, or loquaciousness. If someone has the gift of gab, they can speak eloquently. Someone with that gift can also lie convincingly.

Another definition of gab has nothing to do with talking. A gab is also

“the hook on the eccentric rod of a steam engine, which engages the rockshaft pin.”

words that start with g include a gab related to valve gears.
An illustration of a gab in Carmichael’s Valve Gear

A gabber is one who talks idly or prates (another fun word).

Gabble is fast, incoherent, talk. However, the fast and inarticulate sounds that larger birds make is also gabble.

Gabbler and gabber can be used interchangeably, as can gabbling and gabber.

Describe a person who loves to talk using gabby.

“Our gabby teacher talks so much that we never get anything done.”

A gabbro is not Gen-Z for a guy who talks too much, but a group of dark, heavy, and igneous rocks.

Gabelle refers to salt taxes levied in France before 1789. The gabelleman or gabeller was the poor smuck who collected the salt.

Finally, an ancient Scottish word for beggar is gaberlunzie.

Gabion (which comes from the Latin cavea (“cage”) is a cylinder used to build foundations. Originally gabions were cylinders filled with stones, sand, or soil but now cabions include boxes or cages. Gabions are used to support roads, fish screens on streams, and retaining walls.

Gabions were used as military fortifications for protection of weaponry. These gabions were typically constructed from wicker and filled with earth. A shortage of wicker led to the use of hoop-iron used to tie hay bales, and eventually military gabions made sheet-iron gabions.

That’s why I gave up after page one. I was game to go on, but after I took a gander at the next pages, my eyes began to glaze over, and I no longer felt gemütlich (agreeable or cheerful). So the rest of the words that start with g words I’ll save for another great and grand post.

Sounds a little grandiose, I know.

For the second post about words that start with g, I took a peek for my favorite g-word: Grok. Sure enough, I found it. What words that start with “g” should I feature for my next post? Leave your suggestions in the comment box.

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